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Personal Reflections from Principal Tara Smith:

When I first came to Covenant Christian School in 1998, my children were in 8th grade, 10th grade, and a senior.  Although there was a period of transition, new friends to get to know, and new teachers to adjust to, it was obvious to our family that God had led us in this decision to come here.  My three children truly learned the Word of God. Instead of seeing religion as an experience, our children grew in their faith in the Lord and their knowledge of the world.

Fast forward ahead.  My three children graduated from Covenant , fell in love with their future spouses, and got married.  My son Jared married another CCS grad, and our extended family grew.  In my years in administration at Covenant, I have been privileged to serve with (in my opinion) the best teaching staff around.  Our teachers are experts in their field, know how to teach using best practices, and strive towards establishing counseling relationships with our students.  It is the mentoring nature of our secondary school that makes a difference.

We are a school that is college prep, offering outstanding AP classes as well as great standard classes.  Our graduates tell us that we have prepared them well for the rigors of college. We have graduated engineers, doctors, social workers, and teachers among others.  We have made our mark on our culture.  Won’t you join us in making this your new school ?  Let’s be culture changers for the Lord together!

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

Tara Smith