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Schedule Request Form

Please fill out the following about the Organizer and the Event and then click "Send."  All required fields are marked with an asterisk.


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The following information will appear on the appropriate calendar(s) and portions of the web site.  Please be as clear and specific as possible.
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NOTE: If this is a recurring event, or if your event has different dates and times, please describe in the "Other comments" section below.
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Facility & Audio/Visual Requirements

*Please be aware that you are responsible for setting up and tearing down for your event. We have tables and chairs available for your use, but setting them up and tearing them down is solely your responsibility. If you have questions regarding facility usage and set-up/tear down, please contact Marianne Perry at

*If your event has audio and/or visual needs please contact Nathan Wyble at


Roles & Responsibilities

Please provide the names of those responsible for the following:
Opening the building:
Closing the building:
Tear down and clean up:
If a key is required contact your principal
Other comments:

You will be contacted by an Admin team member if further information is needed or if there are any issues with scheduling your event. Please allow at least one week for approval and scheduling. Contact Widalys Falcon at for more information.