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As many of you may recall from our State of School 2017, we announced the possibility of CCS moving to a block schedule format.  In order to gather as much information about this schedule, we will hold a test run on Thursday, February 8th and Friday, February 9th.  This is only a two day event, so please bear with us as we see firsthand how longer classes may work for faculty and students alike. 

The schedule is below, so you may use it to make decisions about any upcoming appointments you may have.  If your student leaves early for a college class, he/she should note the new times on the schedule.  If any conflict occurs with a college class, please have your student approach the CCS teacher of that particular period, so they can make arrangements. 

Thank you in advance for your flexibility as we gather data to make an informed decision.

Traci Retter
Dean of Faculty
Mock Block Schedule February 8