CCS exists to glorify God by cultivating wise servant leaders. This is accomplished through offering:

    ♦ Rich opportunities
    ♦ Academic excellence
    ♦ A Gospel-centered culture

Covenant Christian School is committed to the 21st-century graduate and his/her God-given calling. CCS graduates have enjoyed a 100% acceptance rate to colleges nationwide, while many have flourished in technical, paramedical, military, ministry, and entrepreneurial careers. Our faculty and staff are prepared to walk along each student as he/she determines/discerns what their calling is.

At CCS, upper school students will encounter these kinds of teachers:

    ♦ A teacher who uses art and Scripture to help visualize history
    ♦ A college-level professor who teaches social studies that captivates learners
    ♦ A relational math teacher who freely passes on his knowledge
    ♦ A marine biologist researcher who incites her kids to love the environment
    ♦ A theologian who steps down, loves from his heart, and speaks the language
       of his students
    ♦ A math teacher who breaks down the nuts and bolts of mathematics so her
       students "get it"
    ♦ An English teacher who weaves the love of language through compelling literature