At Covenant, the admissions process begins with a call to our admissions director, Joan Thorsen, who would love to talk with you and guide you through the steps to becoming a Covenant Lion. A completed application will include the following:
IEP/504/service plan/discipline report (if applicable)
Completed application and $75 application fee
Copy of previous year and current year report cards
Copy of high school transcript (9-12)
Copy of most recent standardized test scores
Teacher evaluation (7th grade only)
Pastor’s letter of recommendation
Testimony sheets (2)
Youth pastor/Sunday school teacher letter of reference
Parent/guardian pledge of support

Further academic testing may also be required for admissions and/or placement

Additional High School Admissions Information (9-12)

In addition to the general enrollment requirements listed, a high school student may enter based on any 1 of these 3 criteria:

1. Students articulate a credible personal testimony or show a desire to know God, pursue Christianity, and exhibit behavior that is in accordance with a Christian lifestyle.

2. Students may be admitted to the high school based on their parents’ profession of faith in a Covenant partnership with the school.

3. Students may be admitted on the basis of their own profession of faith, regardless of their parent’s religious affiliation, as long as the student is also a member in good standing of a local evangelical church.