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Covenant sports teams are an integral part of the CCS extracurricular activities program. CCS is very cognizant of the opportunities to influence our community for Christ through sports involvement.  CCS sports are open to homeschool students from Christian families, in grades six through twelve, who meet policy requirements.

All homeschool family questions regarding sports should be directed to the Headmaster or school office rather than specific coaches or the Athletic Director. This is to stay in compliance to FHSAA rules, which forbids CCS Athletic Staff to answer these types of questions. You may also contact the FHSAA directly. We recommend dealing with the FHSAA directly to avoid any mistakes which may delay your student being approved for competition.

There is specific paperwork (FHSAA Forms: EL2, EL3, EL7, EL7V) that must be completed and turned in to the CCS office. Once that has been done, the paperwork will be sent to the FHSAA office for approval. Homeschool students MUST DECLARE THEIR INTENTION TO PARTICIPATE AT COVENANT NO LATER THAN THE FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE FOR THE SPORT IN QUESTION.  Homeschool students are not eligible for participation until CCS receives approval from the FHSAA, and the student has met all other Covenant requirements. Scroll down for a list of all other requirements. The paperwork is updated each year by the FHSAA. Please click HERE to access the latest FHSAA forms.

All paperwork must be signed, notarized and turned in by the first day of practice. These deadlines are set by the FHSAA and must be adhered to. 
Participating homeschool students must meet the following requirements:

Membership in a local evangelical church.
Payment of the per-sport participation fee.
Meet the FHSAA academic criteria.
Complete CCS admissions application.
Complete all FHSAA eligibility forms.
An interview of the family that demonstrates a commitment to the philosophy and goals of CCS and the CCS athletic department. 


Fees are as follows:

Fall Sports

Varsity Volleyball-$150
JV Volleyball-$100
Varsity/JV Cross Country-$100
Varsity Bowling-$100

Winter Sports

Varsity Basketball-$150
JV Basketball-$100
MS Basketball-$100

Spring Sports

Varsity Baseball-$150
Varsity Softball-$150
Varsity Track-$100
Varsity Tennis-$100

There is a 50% discount for homeschool siblings of current CCS students and a 25% discount for CPC members. Students who fall into both of these categories will receive the 50% discount.