Parent Pledge

Annual Parent Pledge / Fundraiser


This information is provided to inform families of their financial commitment to CCS beyond enrollment fees and tuition. While CCS works hard at maintaining a quality program at an affordable price, tuition alone does not cover the annual operating budget. In fact, approximately 10% of our operating budget is funded through our annual fundraiser and the annual parent pledge. All CCS families are expected to participate. This commitment ensures the funding of equipment and resources critical for maintaining and expanding the quality Christian education for our students.

Equally important is our parents' financial commitment to prayerfully decide and pledge annually, a financial gift which goes into our annual fund to pay for operating expenses. Each family is asked to indicate their annual parent pledge on the application. Lastly, we have found that answers to the following questions have helped our families understand the parent pledge and its vital funding role.


Family Financial Commitment


Q) What exactly is the "annual parent pledge," and how does it differ from the "annual fund"?
A) The ANNUAL FUND is a budget term. Specifically, it is a special account in the overall budget general fund, in which parent pledged financial gifts are deposited. The ANNUAL PARENT PLEDGE represents individual financial gifts received from our families, which are deposited into the annual fund to pay for general school operating expenses. It represents about 8% of the annual operating budget.

Q) Are revenues generated from parent pledges as essential in funding our school program as tuition and other mandatory fees?
A) Absolutely. These annual pledges do not represent surplus funds. On the contrary, in order to balance the overall budget each year and remain in the black, we must reach our annual fund goal.

Q) Why not simply include this pledge in the tuition fee?
A) Even though this alternative would simplify budget management, there are significant disadvantages. The parent pledge offers a financial advantage to families. These pledges, which are categorized as gifts, are tax deductible. The loss of corporate matching has placed an additional burden on our school and necessitates each family’s sacrificial annual gift. A decision to eliminate the parent pledge would significantly increase the tuition by approximately 7 additional percentage points. We don’t want to do this because CCS values maintaining tuition at an affordable level.

Q) What are the Parent Pledge giving categories and payment options?

Categories are as follows:
1) Minimum recommended amount of $500
2) Pacesetter - $1,000
3) Sprinter - $2,500
4) Challenger - $5,000 or more

The preferred method of payment is monthly (with tuition). However, families can elect to pay quarterly, semi-annually, or in a lump sum. We encourage families who are able to pay their pledge early in the school year to assist cash flow.

God in His providence and infinite wisdom has drawn us together as a community of believers, trusting Him to direct our paths, as we lean not on our own understanding. We pray that each family will pledge an annual financial gift out of the abundance of God’s provision for their family. Thank you for choosing Christian education and considering CCS to partner with you in shaping the hearts and minds of your children for Christ.