We value the participation of our families in school events and activities.  As a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church and in order to protect children in our school, we have established a policy to screen all volunteers who participate in CCS activities with our students on or off campus.  In order to satisfy this screening process, a Volunteer Application Packet is to be completed in addition to taking a required Annual Volunteer Risk Management Training. 

The Volunteer Application packets include:

Background Check Authorization and fee, paid by volunteer (every two years)

Driver Verification Form with an attached copy of a valid driver's license and current insurance card (required every school year if you plan to drive students)

The children here at CCS are beloved gifts from God. They are important and valuable to us as a Covenant community.  Our desire is to guard their safety as we accommodate their developmental needs, teach them God’s Word, and raise them up in His ways.

Please see the office for appropriate forms.