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We desire to make Christian education available to as many families as possible. Each year we set aside funds for tuition assistance for enrolled families who have demonstrated financial need through an independent third-party assessment.

Important facts about our program:

1. Tuition assistance awards are available for Kindergarten through 12th grade. Awards are only given after a child has been accepted to CCS and the enrollment fee has been paid.

2. All aspects of the tuition assistance process for your family are confidential. (The FACTS assessment procedures are detailed on the website.) Information provided to the finance office is handled in strictest confidence and the tuition assistance provided to your family will remain confidential between you and the school.

3. Tuition assistance is designed to assist parents who need a little extra help to afford tuition. It is not a full-tuition scholarship.

4. Families must reapply for tuition assistance each year using the same assessment process. Due to changes in family financial situations and the tuition assistance resources available at the school, families may receive tuition assistance that is greater or lower than the previous year.

5. As a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association, we cannot give student-athletes any preferential treatment in the awarding of tuition assistance, and no student may receive any form of tuition assistance in exchange for athletic participation.

6. We award tuition assistance without regard to race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.

How the process works:

1. Prior to the academic school year that assistance is needed, parents apply for tuition assistance with a third party, FACTS ( The FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will lead you through the process. In order to process a tuition assistance application, FACTS requires that the family submit: A completed tax return from the prior year; and copies of each parent's W-2 forms.

2. After FACTS reviews the application, it will notify CCS of the amount of tuition assistance recommended for each student in the family.

3. Before notifying the family of their tuition assistance award, CCS may apply other variables in determining the final award such as the balance of remaining funds, the number of available seats in the class, and student conduct/effort in the classroom.

Any questions regarding the tuition assistance program can be directed to Kathy Down at 321-727-2661, ext. 202.

Some families may be eligible for Step Up for Students corporate tax credit tuition grants. This grant is a need-based program is specially designed to help families whose income would qualify their children for free/reduced lunch in the public schools. Parents should visit their website at to see if they qualify.