(Please note that the courses described below are not necessarily ones offered each year. Some courses rotate on an alternating basis thereby affecting availability each given year.)
Language skills are taught with an emphasis on practical application. The student is assisted in understanding language: where it comes from, how it came to be, and how it communicates. Spelling, vocabulary, and grammar are important parts of the program. Development of sentences, paragraphs, compositions, and reports are emphasized, as well as oral communication skills and critical thinking skills. Literature with Biblical themes and moral lessons are read for enjoyment and critical analysis. Opportunities to improve reading speed and comprehension are also a part of this program.

The Writing class will allow our junior high students to perfect their composition skills in both creative and essay writing along with reviewing grammar skills.
Life Science will challenge students to master the concepts and content introduced through the later elementary science curriculum as well as increase their foundational understanding of biological concepts, which will be later mastered in high school biology. Through labs and projects, students will integrate and apply content and skills to further understand the concepts taught and develop a Christian worldview toward science.

Earth Science will challenge students to further master the concepts introduced briefly in the elementary science curriculum as well as covered this year: evaluating scientific information in the light of a scriptural worldview, and defining and describing the major concepts and terms of planetary and stellar astronomy, meteorology, geology, and oceanography. Integration and application of the content and a variety of skills will be accomplished through labs and projects with a special emphasis on the use of computer skills.
World Studies focuses on how people have lived in different places at different times. Lessons present a historical, geographical, and thematic survey of the world’s people. Special emphasis is placed on describing government, economy, religion, society, thought and learning, and arts and crafts. Illustrations, time lines, and maps are used to explore the heritage of people living in many regions of the world, including the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

The American Republic provides a survey of American history from the discovery of America to the Colonial period. It gives the junior high student a comprehensive overview of people and events in the history of the United States as well as a solid foundation of our country’s heritage from a Christian perspective.
Pre-Algebra Students completing this program are expected to be well-versed in the following: fractions, decimals, mixed numbers, signed numbers, numbers in base 2, arithmetic operations involving all these forms of numbers, order of operations, percents, proportions, ratios, divisibility, rounding, place value, unit conversions, scientific notation, and word problems involving these concepts. Students are also introduced to rudimentary algebra topics such as the evaluation of algebraic expressions, simplification of algebraic expressions, and the solution of linear equations in one unknown. It also includes geometric concepts and topics such as perimeter, area, surface area, volume, classification of geometric figures and solids, geometric constructions, and symmetry.

Algebra 1 -(1200310; 1 credit) is an introductory study of real numbers, covering the study and use of positive and negative numbers involving variables, rational and irrational numbers, factoring, and solving word problems. It introduces linear equations, functions, and the quadratic formula. This course may also be taken in a two-year cycle for an Algebra Ia and Algebra Ib credit.

Students will be introduced to a study of the Bible through topical themes taught in three to four week units of study.

Old Testament  This course presents the Old Testament of the Bible as one with the New Testament and as the story of God's acts and words written so that His people might know Him better.  Through examining the events and writings of the Old Testament, students will not only gain a clear knowledge of Biblical and historical truth, but our prayer is that they will also come face to face with the character of God and, by His grace, will be moved to long for Him.  The course surveys the book of Genesis through the book of Malachi and will help the student discover how the Old Testament reveals to us who God is, how the Old Testament points us to Christ, and how the Old Testament shows us the progress of God's plan for the salvation of His elect.

New Testament  This course examines the events, writings, and characters of the New Testament as the continuation and fulfillment of God's plan of redemption revealed in the Old Testament.  Students will not only gain a clear knowledge of Biblical and historical truth as revealed in the New Testament, but our prayer is that they will also come face to face with the person of Jesus Christ and know Him not only as Lord and Savior, but also as their Treasure.  The course surveys the Gospel of Matthew through the book of Revelation, focusing on Christ as the fulfillment of God's Covenant of Grace made with His people in the Old Testament.

Junior high students are given the opportunity to choose between two different one-semester courses.  Computer Applications covers word processing, spreadsheet analysis, and presentations through Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (this course is subject to availability based on enrollment).  Junior high graphics introduces the student to beginning graphics through Fireworks, Flash, InDesign and animation software.  The course can be offered in a two-year sequence.
Through a variety of selected team sports, students will improve their knowledge of good sportsmanship, game rules, skills and strategies, as well as gain skill and proficiency in several team sports: basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, flag football, and others. Students will also be monitored for progress in personal fitness in keeping with the Presidential Fitness program.
Courses are designed to acquaint the student with the fundamentals of art. The student will develop skills in using media (crayon, tempera, pen and ink, watercolor); in working with stimulus; in understanding elements; and in applying principles of art.
Junior High Chorus (Sound of Life) will provide students with an introductory experience in vocal production techniques and part-singing, enabling them to worship and praise God with the gift of song. Content includes, but is not limited to, choral performance techniques, musical literacy, appreciation and listening. Exposure to secular and classical pieces will broaden their musical knowledge. No audition is required at the Junior High Level.
Drama introduces students to the study and practice of theater arts and literature. The content includes a once a week practice of drama concepts for junior high students.  (This course is subject to availability based on enrollment.)
Study Skills class for 7th grade students instructs on time management techniques, study habits, mnemonic devices, test-taking strategies, note taking, etc. The course encourages the consistent use of the student planner for writing down assignments and aids students in all learning responsibilities.
Junior High Spanish covers Spanish I in a decelerated two year track.  The first year (Spanish 1A) covers 1st semester Spanish I, while the second year (Spanish 1B) cover 2nd semester Spanish I.  The program includes reading, vocabulary, and grammar, together with a heavy emphasis on writing and speaking skills.