CCS has a strong academic program that challenges our students to work hard and use their gifts for Christ. We offer support services to students that need extra help and review and have a great Challenge Learning program for advanced students. Our learning support teacher comes alongside each classroom teacher to help meet the learning needs and styles of each child.  We encourage creative teaching and movement to keep our students engaged and involved.


Curriculum is so much more than the textbooks we use. It is a way of teaching that helps us to meet our goals and objectives in each subject area. We use a variety of texts including Envision math, Saxon math, Purposeful Design science, Abeka, Bob Jones, Harcourt, Sadler Oxford ,  and more. In addition to textbooks, teachers use trade books and novels, and are encouraged to integrate subjects to maximize time and build understanding.

Our Bible curriculum focuses on God’s story, showing how both the Old and New Testaments point to Christ, and are a unified work , unerring and inspired by God. We use CSI materials, along with the Jesus Storybook Bible, and Positive Action for Christ. Our weekly chapel program supports Bible learning and challenges students to spend time in God’s Word, in worship, and in prayer.  Our desire is that our students ultimately become wise servant leaders and impact their world for Christ in whatever career path they choose.


We are blessed to have computer projectors in each room, along with Mimio smart board technology, doc cams, and a class set of ipad minis to share. We challenge students to not only use technology to find information, but also to think critically and creatively. Each elementary class also visits the computer lab each week. Basic coding is taught throughout the year and third and fifth graders also take keyboarding classes to build their typing skills.

Advanced Learning

Our advanced students have two opportunities each week to extend their learning beyond the objectives of the regular classroom. Our Challenge Learning class is an interdisciplinary program that combines reading, writing, science and social studies. This year our classes will be studying  government systems and elections, bridge building, and much more. They will create projects that can be shared with their classmates to build their understanding of these topics as well.

We also have an advanced math program called Math Olympiad for our 4th-6th grade students. Each week students are challenged to solve real world problems using a variety of math strategies. Students take tests and compete against participants from around the world. Each year our students score in the top 25% of all students participating in this program.